The Olympics in London in absentia recognized raznoschitsa dangerous infections

Mass concentration of people, similar to the Olympic games 2012 in London may become a haven diseases from all continents of the Planet Earth, warn experts in infectious diseases. The result may suffer as a separate nation, greeting guests, and guests returned home, the Agency said the BBC.

The main idea is: a large number of people in very cramped conditions (take, for example, stadium), increases significantly the risk of the spread of various infections. Professor Ibrahima by Abubakar University of East Anglia produced a fact that the country, which takes guests already has some disease, and existing diseases will be added infection "import".

Professor as risk areas highlighted various festivals and events of a sporting nature. Here may be a repetition of the influenza outbreak that occurred in 2008 in Australia, when took place the celebration of International youth day. The result is similar incidents can strike a blow not only to the health care system, but also on the economic component of the state.

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A separate question here is - the risk of injury and even that is very tragic, fatal outcome, which may be caused by a stampede. As an example, here's held in 2010 in Germany Love Parade, which, as we know, ended in the death of 21-th person, and 500 people were injured. And during the Olympics is expected around 2 million or more tourists. Because this event must be prepared very carefully.

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