The older the woman, the higher the chance of the birth of a child with a mitochondrial mutation

Experts in the field of genetics have tried to understand how connected the woman's age and the risk of her unborn child mitochondrial mutations. As it turned out, the age of the oocyte accumulates damaged material, which is inevitably transmitted to the child at the stage of fertilization. Data on the results of a study published in PNAS.

Mitochondria is the energy station cells. This cellular component is responsible for the whole metabolism in humans and animals. Mitochondrial mutations are passed only from mother to child, the father in the mitochondrial transfer of information does not participate.

In the study, researchers analyzed the structure of mitochondrial DNA 39 children and their mothers. The age of women ranged from 25 to 59 years. It turned out, the older was the mother, there was often abnormalities of mitochondria.

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Mitochondrial diseases are associated with 200 disorders of metabolism, they underlie the development of cancer, diabetes, Parkinson's and Alzheimer's. Mitochondria are found in every cell and are involved in all biological processes.

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