The older fathers, the healthier their children in old age

Scientists from northwestern University in Illinois found that the older the father of the child, the more likely that child will live a long healthy life.

"If a man could be a father in adulthood, it is a good indication that his children will live in a healthy condition to old age and they are not threatened by sudden death from disease," said one of the study's authors Dan Eisenberg.

In the Philippines, a study was conducted, which compared children old and young fathers. It turned out, the children of fathers aged inherited from them a long telomeres ( the areas at the ends of chromosomes). Telomeres are known to protect the body from premature aging, short telomeres is a sign of rapid aging. It turns out that if your grandfather became a father in respect of age, and then the father, then you will be healthy to a ripe old age.

"The body itself is prepared to be strong and able to reproduce into old age, if your fathers and grandfathers are the parents deeply in adulthood, it is genetic memory, which tells the body that it should be ready to breed at the respectable age," explains co-author Christopher Kuzawa.

The researchers insist that the result of their study should not provoke people postpone parenthood until late in time, because the probability of a harmful mutation in a child from elderly father is much higher, also increases the risk of miscarriage under such conditions.

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