The occupation of horticulture is directly correlated with a healthy lifestyle

Scientists from the University of Utah in salt lake city found that gardening is not only pleasant but also useful for health occupation, reports The Telegraph.

Work in the garden allows you not only to keep a normal weight, but also reduces the likelihood of obesity. This work is also good and that can completely replace going to the gym. There is another plus: the person begins to eat healthy foods, namely vegetables and fruits grown with their own hands. Experts also found that in addition to health benefits, gardening also brings the benefit of a social nature, as it combines all those who are interested in promoting active and healthy lifestyles.

This scientific opinion based on the results of the study, which was attended by almost 200 gardeners. To determine the extent of the impact of their hobby on health, the scientists compared the BMI of gardeners, with a body mass index of people who do not like to work in the garden.

As it turned out, the body weight of women gardeners are much lower than the weight of their neighbors: they were by as much as 46 percent less likely to have obesity or weight gain. Men-gardeners this percentage was 62%. According to the study's author Kathleen Zeke, the fans dig in the garden are a healthy and beautiful figure. An American study has become a unique work, which established the relationship between a healthy lifestyle and gardening.

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Studies that have been conducted previously, it was found that the occupation of gardening has a positive effect on the nervous system, stimulates bone system, reduces the risk of developing osteoporosis and diabetes of the 2nd type.

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