The number of smokers worldwide is committed to a billion

Smoking is rampant habit, leading to diseases of all organs and systems. Most affected are the lungs and the blood vessels. It is known that the risk of cancer in smokers several times higher than a non-smoker.

According to the latest data received from the scientists of the Institute of indicators and evaluation of health at Washington University, it became known that the number of smokers worldwide is rapidly approaching one billion.

Statistics show that in 1980 was registered 721 million smokers, and by 2012 967 million. Data on tobacco use were collected in 187 countries around the world.

Scientists conclude that anti-Smoking measures against harmful habit is not enough, as the number of smokers is growing, despite the awareness of citizens about the dangers of Smoking.

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It is worth noting that the percentage of smokers is highest in South-East Asia, in the state of East Timor. Indonesia is located on the second place, the third is Kiribati. Most healthy States recognized by Antigua and Barbuda.

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