The number of performed abortions adult women overtake youth

Women who have already given birth to children, contrary to popular belief, many times turning to abortion than women without children. This is eloquently illustrated statistics in Britain. Thus, 51 percent of women have passed through the process of abortion, have at least 1 child, on their pages, writes The Independent.

Repeated abortions in General has also increased to 36 percent. Among girls under 18 years of 7 percent in the past has already passed through the abortion procedure (one or more). Experts believe that the demand for the operation, as one of the measures of family planning indicates the need among older women wide introduction of contraceptives. The Ministry of health usually concentrates its attention on teen pregnancy.

Plus, most adult women mistakenly believe that to conceive a child can't because of their age. But, however, it is not so. The company performing abortions Marie Stopes International has urged the officials, naively believing that an active sex life ends at the age of 30 years, this group of the population to pay attention.

The proportion of mothers going through the procedure of abortion has increased about 1 percent in 2008 and reached a high of 51 percent in the year 2011) Long before these indicators were equal to 47 percent. What belongs to age restrictions, the number of abortions in women over 25 years has increased, and in the youngest age group, in contrast, declined.

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