The number of people with HIV in Russia will inevitably rise

For the first quarter of 2015 the number of people infected with HIV increased by 10%. Only in Russia there are more than 900 thousand registered carriers of the virus. Statistics are extremely alarming, says Vadim Pokrovsky, head of the Federal scientific and methodological center for prevention and fight against AIDS. Russia with the pace coming to Africa.

The vast majority have faced the disease through heterosexual contact. Homosexual contact was the cause of AIDS at 1.2% of all infected. Only 60% of people with HIV at least once used drugs. The average age of a patient with immunodeficiency is 30-35 years.

"The end of the year projected that HIV-infected people, the number will reach 1 million. If our predictions come true, then in 1-2 years the expected doubling of the number of HIV-infected people. Moreover, the cost of treating one HIV-infected has decreased over the five years up to 90000 180000. In Russia there is only one domestic product for the treatment of HIV. All other drugs depend on import, if not the drug, raw material purchasing abroad. This is mainly India, China, Western countries began to depend less" - commented Pokrovsky.

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