The number of obese youth in Russia is growing, and blame the parents believe the doctors

Russian doctors are sounding the alarm: the country's rapidly increasing number of adolescents and young people are overweight. "The medic Forum" has published data showing that obese people today has become 3 times more compared to periods of 5-6 years ago. In most cases, according to experts, the fault lies with the parents who do not recognize the existence of problems in their own children.

The situation was commented by family Dr. Andrew Lobanov, who stressed the need for the parent to control the child's health, noting that obesity negatively affects all organs and primarily on the cardiovascular system. It support consultant diet Verchenova Maria, who said that often parents are trying to gain the trust of children, not restricted in their diet.

Besides the fact that children, because of age is not able to self-assess nutritional needs, they take the example of parents who themselves often set a bad example, said the expert. It calls for the withdrawal of the culture of nutrition and physical activity on the levels of hygiene, encouraging adults and children to exercise as often as they brush their teeth.

Psychologist Irina Korchagina advises parents to review the guidelines in the upbringing of children, based on the fascination with Chad, which prism does not allow to objectively assess the situation.

A disappointing statistic indicates the presence of excess weight among 42% of the 25-39-year-old Russians, 65% of 40-54 year olds and 77% of people over the age of 55 years. Doctors believe that the trend will steadily increase performance.

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