The number of mobile lunatics grows

Sleepwalking (somnambulism) is a condition where a person unconsciously perform any actions while in sleep. Typically, these actions correspond to dream of a lunatic and look adequate and purposeful. This pathology develops when incomplete awakening, when the brain is in the state border between sleep and wakefulness.

The recent discovery scientists says that in recent years has dramatically increased the number of lunatics, especially mobile. These people in the dream, write SMS, which by morning don't remember anything.

The discovery of this phenomenon rests on the shoulders of the American scientific community. They first revealed the fact that the person in the dream can write unrelated short messages to random numbers or their colleagues.

Dr. David Cannington working in Melbourne Central sleep disorders, notes that such lunacy inherent busy people having an intense work schedule with a small amount of rest. Irregular day, ready to get in touch 24 hours a day, do not allow the brain to quickly switch between sleep and work. Exhausted nervous system is unable to maintain concentration during work and relaxation during sleep. Thus the brain during sleep is trying to do his usual chores: sending SMS and receiving calls. The mobile lunatics often happen dreaming associated with.

Such lunatics by the morning can't remember that night wrote messages or took a fictional calls. Sleepwalking is considered a disease, as it often results in a lack of healthy sleep, frequent headaches, passing in migraine, hypertension, depression.

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Doctors avoid this kind of pathology is advised to minimize the work calls and SMS, to learn to separate work and leisure, to observe the regime of sleep and wakefulness.

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