The number of illegal abortions is growing

The world health organization has noted the increase in the number of abortions that are performed outside clinics unskilled persons.

The who study provides information until 2008. In General, it talks about the increase in the number of clandestine abortions (44 percent -1995 year, 49 percent in 2008). Editorial message from The Lancet such figures are quite alarming.

With regard to the total number of abortions worldwide, in 2008 compared with 2003, it increased by two million 200 thousand.

In every developing country, in particular where adopted strict legislative restrictions on abortion, in the wrong condition holds many operation to terminate the pregnancy. In Africa the number of such abortions amounted to 97% of the ordinary the number of aborted pregnancies.

In States where abortion legislation prohibits the collection of information is carried out using the survey and given the official statistics of hospitals for complications and deaths that occur due to clandestine operations.

Given the words of Beverly Winikoff (new York organization Gynuity), the goal of which is the widespread legalization and provide great security, abortion, criminal abortion is an important cause of mortality of mothers. Given its information, in the course of 2008 with criminal abortions were caused enough deaths of mothers from around the world.

Sexologist Kate Hawkins (University of Sussex) due to the publication of the who report noted that legal or illegal method, but if a woman searching for a method to have an abortion, she will find it. Given the data, a sexologist, in 2008, 85% of abortions happen in the developing countries, and in the same period, approximately half of all transactions, which were carried out in the world, to terminate a pregnancy is underground.

At the moment, information is collected for the last three years, the results of which will be published later.

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