The number of deaths and serious injuries because of the marriage of the manufacturer of medical products increased by 29 percent

The number of seriously injured or killed patients medical devices has increased by almost a third in 2011 according to official European statistics.

In connection with the scandal of substandard breast implants Supervisory Commission expressed concerns about the safe use of certain types of medical equipment and some surgical operations.

The total number of adverse incidents from the use of medicines and medical products have grown by 13 percent in 2012.

The third case was the fault of the manufacturer of the drug. A quarter of the cases involved implants, not only breast and beauty, but also pacemakers, hip prostheses, and even contact lenses.

In 15 per cent of incidents severe threat to the health of the patient came from the failure of surgical equipment or life support systems.

Also a large number of patients were injured due to the fault of wheelchairs, syringes, lifts in the beds. Whatever it was, the blame for these incidents lies directly on the growing number of marriage from the manufacturer honey. equipment and medicines.

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