The number of cases of alcohol intoxication on holidays will increase in 2 times

According to the Chief narcologist of the Russian Federation Eugene Brune on Christmas holidays are expected to increase cases of alcoholic poisoning. As the experience of previous years, it can grow almost twice.

That is why all narcological institutions of the country are ready to work in an emergency mode. To narcologists apply not only during the Christmas holidays. After they finished, many drinkers are turning to experts to ask for help.

So the next morning not had a headache, Yevgeny Bryun advises not to mix alcoholic drinks: starting with champagne, it is necessary to continue the holiday champagne, and moreover, you cannot mix "pop" with strong alcohol, and alcohol interfere with sweets.

The head of Rospotrebnadzor Gennady Onishchenko advises the citizens in families, where the children growing up, not to drink alcohol at all.

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And Professor of medicine, presenter of the program "Health" on television, Elena Malysheva recommends seizing alcohol and not drink, as some are doing.

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