The number of antibiotic resistant strains exceeded the catastrophic mark

The American centre for disease prevention published data on the use of antibiotics. It turned out that resistant strains of microorganisms exceeded all valid values. Every year 2 million people face complications associated with the fact that antibiotics have no effect on a certain culture. 23 thousands die from that faced the full resistance of the microorganism to the antibiotic, writes Jama Internal Medicine.

Tom Frieden, the study's author, argues about the necessity of taking action, because in the future this will lead to a total deficit of effective antibiotics. The report also proposed the abolition of the use of antibiotics on farm enterprises for growing vegetable crops, animals for meat.

Today, more than 80% of antibiotics can develop drug-resistant microorganisms. Scientists say and unreasonable taking and prescribing antibiotic therapy. Antibiotics are often issued without a prescription and people are starting to use them at the slightest cold. Frequent cases when people are not aware that we have to accept the cycle of drug without interruption. This usually leads to the development of resistance of microorganisms to a particular type of antibiotic.

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