The Nobel prize in medicine was given to the wrestler with cancer and Parkinson's disease

A Japanese scientist, asinari Osumi received the Nobel prize in 2016 for the opening mechanism samopoedaniya cells". This process in science is called autophagy. In 1993, the scientist had made the first discovery of a gene responsible for autophagy.

"The Nobel prize has special significance. For me this award was a dream from a young age. I have always been convinced that I wanted to do something that could not do other," says Einari Osumi.

Molecular biology for the scientist, the business of life. "Eating" of cells is a natural process for the body. However, in some cases, this mechanism may cause cancer or Parkinson's disease, as disclosure of the nuances of the process can be a catalyst for developing drugs against these diseases.

Today the Nobel prize is the most famous award in the field of science. Its amount is 8 million Swedish kronor, about 900 thousand dollars.

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