The Nobel prize in medicine 2011

3 October in Stockholm named winners of the Nobel prize in medicine and biology. This year the prize was awarded to three scientists who have conducted work in the field of study of the human immune system Bruce Beutler, Jules Hoffmann and Ralph Stamina.

Their work has brought humanity to the understanding of the key principles of the immune system, they found the factors of the activation units are responsible for the body's natural defence against infection. The work of these scientists play a key role in the development of improved vaccines against infectious diseases and new approaches in cancer treatment. The researchers in their work laid the Foundation for the creation of a "therapeutic vaccine", which will be able to activate parts of the immune system of the person responsible for the antitumor immunity.

Modern understanding of the functioning of the human immune system will effectively treat inflammatory diseases, systemic diseases (rheumatoid arthritis, psoriasis, and others), all those pathological conditions which continues to attack the body's own tissue.

Bruce Beutler and Jules Hoffman revealed a receptor protein that recognizes microorganisms and foreign cells and attacks them. This function is the so-called "innate immunity", which is inherited.

Ralph shteiman discovered dendritic cells of the immune system and recorded their unique function in the activation and regulation of the acquired (adaptive) immunity.

Medical Nobel prize is traditionally awarded to the first. The monetary value of this award amounted to about 20 million SEK.

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