The Nobel laureate has created a new tool to prevent asthma

Barry Marshall, one of the Nobel laureates, Professor of Microbiology, have developed a drug that saves from food allergies and asthma. The drug works on the human immune system, suppressing it in the case of excessive activity, tells ABC News.

According to the scientist, its development grew out of previous studies on Helicobacter bacteria, provoking the development of gastritis and ulcers. This type of bacteria suppress local immunity in the stomach and creates the conditions for reproduction. Using a similar chemical mechanism, Marshall managed to create a drug that suppresses the immune system. This will allow people with food allergies and asthma greatly improve life.

At the moment the drug is in the form of powder. It can be added to food and drinks. Now scientists are confident in the effectiveness of the funds, however, will take several years to test the safety of drug compounds.

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