The nipple can protect the infant from sudden death

Australian scientists from Meassage Institute found that pacifiers are an indispensable thing for babies. They not only soothe their nervous system, but also protect against sudden death. The positive effect of the dummy remains even when it is not in your mouth baby. To give an explanation for this phenomenon assistants until they can not.

Syndrome sudden infant deaths (SIDS) each year has caused the death of thousands of children. Much danger he poses to infants under the age of three months, those born preterm or with low birth weight. Often SIDS catches up with the baby at night when he sleeps.

In his interview, this edition of ABC Scince, study leader Professor rosemary Horne said that the nipple allows baby to Wake up if he suddenly stops breathing, or when he feels a sharp drop in blood pressure. To prevent or to predict both of these factors is impossible.

Scientists from Australia have tested their hypothesis by examining the behavior of 37 children. They watched the babies, when they slept during the day. It turned out that the children who fell asleep with a pacifier, had more variations in heart rhythm, and their bodies are more responsive to changes in blood pressure. All this added chance to Wake up on time.

According to the Professor of horn, they came to the conclusion that infants pacifiers necessary, just need to start to give the baby only after he had established the mode of feeding. Usually, this period comes at the end of the month after the child's birth. And to refuse pacifiers, according to Australian scientists have after the baby reaches 6 months - one year.

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