The new York city government plan to legalize marijuana for medical use

There are some cases where marijuana is indicated for the treatment of diseases. In new York city developed a program that allows network of health care providers to prescribe the drug for medical purposes. To date, this list is limited to twenty points.

The authorities plan to make marijuana one of the links adjunctive therapy. It is known that the drug reduces pain in patients with cancer and other diseases difficult to treat.

But new York is not a pioneer in regard to the legalization of marijuana. With the approval of the law of this state will be the 21st, where it is allowed to use products containing marijuana for medicinal purposes. The first time such a resolution was introduced in 1996 in California.

In early 2013, the sale of marijuana for medicinal purposes has been legal in the state of Colorado. Overall, the U.S. population is positive about the trend of legalization of drugs: more than half of the residents support the full legalization of marijuana.

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