The new tool will help to mitigate the effects of a stroke

Australian scientists have developed a tool that will help smooth out the effects of stroke and to save people from its negative effect, writes The Sydney Morning Herald. To date, scientists have conducted tests on laboratory mice. The drug is a copy of the action of the female hormone estrogen. This compound protects the woman's body and affects the health of men.

However, the solution for men also has been found: you can block estrogen receptors and enter the drug immediately after the incident of stroke. Then problems can be avoided. Scientists have proposed to act on the estrogen receptors and to enter a drug that lowers the level of consequences after stroke.

Disease, the researchers note, is of great importance. Often a stroke is the cause of disability or death. You need to move with the determined direction to cope with pathology. Still not sure of the mechanisms behind this disease, more research is needed.

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