The new tool will help in the fight against insomnia

American scientists invented a new drug to combat insomnia. According to the creators of the drug, it will help not only to fall asleep faster, but also increase the duration of sleep.

Currently at the office for quality control of products and medicines of the USA is considering the application for grant of a patent and registration of a new product from insomnia.

Drug name subrecent. In its action it is diametrically opposed to the medications developed up to this time. Before this drug, affecting the brain, "forced" him to sleep. The basis for the new drug suppression of the growth hormone orexin. Thanks to this hormone, we have to stay awake. Compliance level orexin the norm in the night time period provides the person sleep. People suffering from insomnia are increased this hormone.

Reception of sovorakana promotes better health of patients, the increase in the duration of sleep and enhance productivity.

Scientists suggest that a new drug may be useful for working in shifts. It helps the body to adapt to the work schedule.

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