The new test can detect HIV in half an hour

In Australia already invented and used a new test that can detect HIV in just half an hour. Today, in order to determine whether the person is HIV - positive, you want more than one week, and sometimes almost 3 months. This test is a real breakthrough in the fight against HIV/AIDS. For testing requires only one drop of blood.

The new test is similar to the card, on top of which it is necessary to drip a drop of blood. The sensors on this card will detect the presence of antigens and antibodies to HIV. Here, the developers of the test allow a small disclaimer: this test is preliminary, and after it will still require laboratory analysis.

But, despite this, the company Alere, which has developed this test, expresses its confidence that it will facilitate early diagnosis of HIV infection, thereby reducing the number of infections.

The head of the Australian Federation of AIDS Rob lake was very excited by the creation of such a test. According to him, this test will be relevant especially for homosexuals, who make up a greater percentage of HIV-infected people in Australia.

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