The new Russian law on organ transplantation: opinions are divided

In the Ministry of health developed a new law that regulates the procedure of organ transplantation in Russia. According to this law, for the first time in the country will be allowed posthumous harvesting of organs from children for transplantation. This law does not affect orphans - their organs after death touch will be denied. In addition, the draft law prohibits the removal of human organs from Russia abroad.

Post-mortem removal of children's bodies is permitted only after the consent of the parents of the deceased child. Regarding adult men, and in this case, the consent of the next of kin should, or should it be voluntary. Some lawyers recommend those unpleasant like the prospect of posthumous donation, to fix his unwillingness to become a notary public.

People can become "donor" only after two hours after he was diagnosed with death. And if during these two hours on the part of the relatives of the deceased have not made any statements about their agreement or disagreement on the withdrawal, there comes the so-called implied consent, and doctors have the right to take the necessary authority. It should be noted that according to the current law on the donation, if the person before death not declared his unwillingness to become a "donor", after its occurrence, it can become automatic.

Experts believe that the new law has its pros and cons. According to statistics, every year in organ transplantation need 5 thousand citizens of Russia, 30 percent of whom are children. The fact that child donation is not in Russia, forcing the Russians to take their children for organ transplants abroad, and this, as you know, not everybody.

Many MPs believe that the downsides of this act more as today in order to make faster the process of adoption, foreigners are attributed to the child's disability, which, actually, no. And there may come a pretty serious point: non-existing disability - the sudden death of a child - organ transplantation. Primarily this law will affect orphans, according to the opponents of this law.

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Last year the number of orphans in Russia amounted to 74 thousand, and in the USA there is a huge queue of 200 thousand children who need organ transplants. It should be noted that the bodies of Indian or Chinese children do not survive in the body of American children, and the authorities of the Russian children quite fit them.

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