The new rainy season in the tropics caused an outbreak of gastroenteritis

According to the information in tropical countries began the season with acute gastroenteritis. For area, where he began the rainy season, the disease is not new, the main symptoms are: vomiting and colic. The most negative gastroenteritis affects the kidneys.

Thus, in Mumbai recorded over 2000 infected, 2 of which have received complications such as acute renal failure. At the same filtration capacity of the kidneys is reduced. Full rehabilitation in subsequent almost impossible. Every year, doctors diagnosed renal failure 5-7% of the total number of patients.

Doctors strictly warn local residents and tourists. In order to avoid disease requires ongoing mandatory disinfection Cutlery, tableware, pens, premises. The most economical and effective means is plain bleach. In contact with food should be obligatory before and after washing hands. Try not to touch the objects placed on the streets. In cases falling under the rain immediately wash hands and feet, with shoes in no case do not write in space.

Experts advise to eat only proven products without external damage. As for the drinking, drinking only boiled chlorinated water. Gastroenteritis is an infectious disease that is easily transmitted through touch, through air and through water. The authorities of countries with a tropical climate warn everyone about the dangers of the disease and precautions when staying in the state.

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