The new law on donors provides for compensation in the form of products for blood donation

From the 20th of January in Russia introduced a new law which, according to the doctors, can lead to many seriously ill on the brink of life and death. We are talking about the law that applies to unpaid blood donation. Under the new law, for the blood donors of cash payments will not be, says the Internet portal Instead of money donors are encouraged food basket, that is, they're going to pay for food. The basket contains a variety of juices, fish, canned food and even caviar. Set the same for all Russian regions.

After the law enters into force, monetary compensation donors will be able to get just one case - when giving blood on the device. In this case, the donor may claim compensation and it will be paid the cost of scones with tea. It is the diet that is provided in the new law on the donation.

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Doctors for a long time condemn the adoption of this law, as in the case of lack of financial incentive, people who are willing to donate blood on the enthusiasm will be very difficult to find. Therefore, many patients who need blood transfusion, can be in a very dangerous situation, writes "Moskovsky Komsomolets".

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