The new health care reform in Odessa

The power of Odessa region and Odessa city undertook a complete reform of medicine and going to finish it in 2014.

The main goal of the reform is the creation of hospital districts, which will take about a hundred and twenty thousand people. All funds for this district will be allocated at the expense savings at the closing of the ordinary medical institutions that do not fit any of the parameters that are inherent in the new reform.

In the hospital districts will work absolutely all departments, including the Department of intensive therapy.

All TB dispensaries were combined into one dispensary. Residents were pleased with the action and significantly reduced the number of complaints that people "walking" where unnecessary, disturbing the established regime.

Clinic of dentistry joined in 4-d medical institutions.

Today, a number of rural hospitals have moved into the ranks of family medicine clinics, where doctors give first aid, and in more difficult cases sent some patients in hospitals.

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The payment provider is calculated according to the following principle: a large part of the wages in the amount of one salary (1200-1800) plus an additional part, due to the quantity and quality of patients served. The reorganization must allocate three hundred million.

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