The new font will help patients with dyslexia to read

Graphic designer from the Netherlands Christian Bur he decided to help himself in the struggle with dyslexia. He released an English and Dutch version of the font, help those suffering from dyslexia to read. The font is called Dyslexie is not the first attempt in totally the way to create help for people with this disorder, but it has received recognition from the American scientific community as the most dedicated to helping the sick.

The drill started to work on fonts in 2008, while studying in the University Pool, and in 2010 based defended his master's thesis.

Participants test studies have shown that reading the words written in that font, takes much less time and less tiring.

In this font, some characters are not written in the traditional way, which makes them the distinction easier. Also it is written thicker lines, and the differences between letters is much more explicit - exaggerated tilt of letters and thickening of the "tails". Capital letters and punctuation marks are also written in bold.

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Some other designed for people with dyslexia fonts, such as Read Regular, Tiresias, Sassoon can be downloaded online for free, unlike new font from Borax.

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