The new discovery will save the world from aging

The aging process is associated not only with mutations that accumulate over time in the body, writes Jagran Post. There is another reason: the genes inherited from the mother contribute by defining the maximum age threshold.

A study was conducted on mice, in which the affected mitochondria contained in all tissues. The mitochondrion is the energy station of a cell, which performs the functions of synthesis of substances "hoard" and their decay for receiving a portion of energy. Mitochondria have their own, distinct from nuclear DNA, which is passed from mother and accumulates mutations. Scientists were able to show the world that aging is a multifactorial process that depends on many external and internal reasons.

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The brain state, for example, depends on the number and characteristics of DNA mutations. Experts believe that it is necessary to develop measures of these mutations, which in the future will be able to significantly extend human life.

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