The new discovery scientists from new Mexico - "cell-zombie"

American scientists were able to create a cell of a mammal, is capable of maintaining its structure after death. Interesting, but some quality is even better, and the dead cell has amazing survivability. It is able to withstand higher pressure, and also to withstand the high temperature.

This discovery is valuable because now scientists will be able to keep the organic material for long time. But these cells can be used to create human copies, but not from the wax and with the use of these cells. That is why these cells are called cells zombie.

Cells were recreated in a Petri dish with the help of silicic acid, which, like, embalmed cell. Affected silicon reminds armor. Therefore, this cell can be used as a catalyst with more than ordinary temperature. During the heating of silicon up to 400 degrees Celsius, a protein in the cell to evaporate, maintaining its three-dimensional skeleton, said the Agency "Rosbalt".

This discovery belongs to the scientists from the University of new Mexico. In their view, technology can be used in industrial manufacturing and nanotechnology.

According to one of the project participants Brian Kera, the creation of such cells in nano-scale was quite difficult. Currently, scientists have the ability to produce cells in the form of small wires and microparticles. To surround these cells is not yet possible. But these cells are able not only to repeat the form of living cells, from which they were created, but also to obtain independent development.

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