The new development will enable patients with paralysis to communicate with relatives

Five Australians suffering from paralysis, in the framework of innovative experiment will implant a brain implant Stentrode. Its size is comparable with a paper clip. The implant procedure does not involve the need for open brain surgery, the implant is introduced into the vessel of the motor cortex of the brain.

Add that causes paralysis in volunteers become stroke, injured her spine, muscular dystrophy and motor neuron disease. Scientists say that the invention is intended to relieve the suffering of patients who are deprived of control over his body and lost the ability to speak.If the experiment will end with a positive result, such people can carry out communication with the outside world through a computer interface. The implant will provide the ability to control the keyboard and computer mouse. Involving the Royal Melbourne hospital, the University of Melbourne and the Institute of neuroscience and mental health.Flory will be the crucial test is scheduled for mid-2019.

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