The nervous system of a teenager does not allow him to risk when the mother

Adolescents suggested to go through the experiment in the form of a computer simulator. During the test, researchers monitored the brain activity of volunteers. In the first stage, adolescents performed the task alone, the second with her mother, which was on the seat beside him.

Passing the turns alone, the teenagers took risky decisions in 55% of cases. Upon successful completion of each section of the route with the risk they have increased activity of parts of the brain associated with reward.

When in the passenger seat of the virtual car was the mother of the subject, the number of risky movements decreased to 45% and the risk the reward system was hardly used at all.

In the presence of mom Teens tried to stop at traffic lights and follow other rules. Scientists believe that a mother have on the behavior of adolescent children a great impact and can serve as some guidance in the further development of the personality.

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