The need of the female body in vitamins E, a, C. Useful diet for women

The gleam in his eyes, the smile, easy walk, peach complexion, light blush, silky skin all right in the body when it is healthy. The woman, regardless of age, must first deal with the deficiency - the main enemy of her body. Lack of vitamins, and not only And, but, and E, as well as group adversely affects primarily the nervous system, in conditions of depression weakens the immune system, increases the risk of systemic diseases. A deficiency can occur in a latent form, when for various reasons the "tablet" vitamins are not completely digested.Tocopherol acetate - "E" is the most "feminine" of vitamins. In pure form it has little available, and some containing products pretty tired. "Who eats oatmeal in the morning, he is wise" - patter, reshaped for children, pursues mentally, and once again need to diversify cloying mess. Some of it is used as a scrub for the face, but in a dry form. How to diversify? Help one remember that the combination of A + E is the most successful of the vitamins. And tocopherol acetate is very friendly with the most "cheerful" with the trace element selenium and vitamin C. Selenium - winner of stress, it lowers the levels of cortisol, a hormone that is produced in the body in stressful situations. The reaction to stress is different from the loud and prolonged tantrums to quiet, but exhausting depression. Many scientists believe that selenium in combination with vitamin E reduces 5-6 times the possibility of development of malignant tumors. Orange or apricot juice in summer or winter fruit tea is a matter of taste, but in the morning the woman just need the right fruit combination, where present, and that is followed by the first Breakfast - saving women's salad - dessert: - wheat germ - 1-2 teaspoons, crushed walnuts ( but not fried!), or ground-2-3 teaspoons of sunflower seeds - 2 teaspoon ( not fried!), and this dessert you can moisten the season apricots, grapes, bananas or prunes, while receiving the trace elements associated with and well matched with E - potassium and magnesium. When replacing seeds with pumpkin in combination is zinc. The most important thing: salad cook without salt and sugar, no lemon juice - it should not unduly irritate the stomach, you can use bio yogurt or orange juice. After such a micro-Breakfast, second Breakfast or lunch in the afternoon, but the morning should start with "elixir Cleopatra" - define nutritionists combination of E + a + C and trace elements. Selenium will come to visit You for dinner if You cook a choice of beef, better veal, or beef liver with red peppers, baked with legumes or broccoli, and all this is accompanied by an abundance of greenery and olive or corn oil. Spicy spices do not get carried away - for emphasis needs to take only one spice. The pressure in the vessels is normalized with the help of regular consumption of foods rich in E and magnesium. Vitamin a - apples yellow - red range, green C. rich Fish dishes are preferred from the marine fish - halibut, mackerel - not fried and steamed, white sauce, garnish brown rice or roasted red pepper, eggplant. The use bread rye-wheat, best bakery, the ratio of rye and wheat flour - 1:3. Part of the yeast (12) is required.

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