The navel is the habitat of many microbes

Employees Severouralskogo University in Raleigh, conducted a study of the composition of the microflora inhabiting the navel of the person. To participate in this study agreed 66 volunteer both sexes. The results of the experiment shared Rob Dunn, who served as adjunct Professor at the University. According to him the inhabitants of the human navel are more than 2 thousands of different microorganisms.

The essence of the study was to cultivation in a nutrient medium biomaterial obtained with a swab from the navel. After colonies grew, they were subjected to thorough analysis aimed at clarifying their species. The results surprised even the scientists - the total number of detected microorganisms was 2368 species. The average number of microorganisms in the navel individual participant was 67 species. The most common were 8 species, found in 70% of patients.

The three most common microbially belly button looks like this: 1st place - staphylococci, 2nd place - representatives of Baccillus, 3rd place - micrococci. First prevent damage to the body of deadly bacteria, and the latter are responsible for the smell of sweat and body protection against fungi, and some live in the folds of the belly button and is able to function without air.

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The information collected on gender, age, place of residence, ethnicity, and the presence of domestic animals of the participants in the experiment did not reveal any correlation with their obtained results.

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