The nasal septum

A deviated septum in the nose is rather a condition that can often be found not only in adults but also in children. This condition leads to difficulties in breathing, frequent sinusitis, rhinitis, provokes the occurrence of snoring, etc.

There are several reasons that can trigger the occurrence of the curvature of the walls:

- incorrect ratio of the rate of growth of cartilage and bone parts of the septum;

- injuries;

- other diseases (for example, polyps).

Sometimes the patient may not know about the nasal septum. The symptoms of this condition depend directly on the degree of curvature and the degree obstructing airflow through the nasal passages. The main symptoms are frequent nosebleeds, sinusitis, sinusitis, shortness of breath.

The primary method of treatment is surgery.

Septoplasty is an endoscopic operation, during which the doctor corrects the defects of the septum of the nose. The surgery is performed through the nasal cavity, no incision do not. To do this operation under local or General anaesthetic. It lasts less than an hour. After the operation, insert tampons of gauze and a silicone retainers in the nasal passages. Through the day they are removed. After a week the patient is restored nasal breathing.

Often such curvature determined in children. In this case, the septoplasty hold the child over 14 years. The exception is children who have pronounced symptoms and they often have sinusitis. Such operations are performed by children from 6 years only under General anesthesia. Before operation it is necessary to conduct the survey, which will prove that the cause of the disease is a deviated septum.

One of the new treatments deformation of the septum of the nose is the treatment by laser. It has some limitations. But meanwhile, this method is successfully used in otolaryngology. It is based on the effect of the laser beam on certain parts of the cartilaginous part. Their laser is heated to the required temperature, and then fixed in the correct position on the day. This procedure is performed under local anesthesia. It lasts no more than 15 minutes. The patient certainly does not feel any discomfort.

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Laser treatment can be performed in case of curved only cartilaginous areas, and the cartilage was not broken.

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