The nanobots will help in cleaning of vessels from cholesterol plaques

Modern technology to develop the medicine and give people a chance to find a second youth. A group of experts from Drechselschule University (Philadelphia, USA) has developed a technology for the delivery of almost any drug to the desired point through the blood vessels. This method has great potential for the treatment of many diseases.

Robots are microscopic spheres with drugs. The scope can enter the bloodstream, where they will determine your property and will go to him. Movement occurs through the electromagnetic field. Now a chain of 13-year-nanorobots moving in a fluid with a speed of 17.8 micrometers per second.

While talking about the application of technology to remove plaque. Now there are only two ways of dealing with them, in addition to prevention. The first is surgical intervention. The second is effective only for the prevention of deposits with the help of special medications.

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