The name of the person affects his personal life - scientists

Experts from the University of London Queen Mary during the analysis determined that the name of the person affects his success in his personal life. Often the name defines the relationship of a stranger when they first met, writes The Daily Mail.

Most of all in love lucky people whose name starts with the first letter of the first half of the alphabet. It is also known that students with last names beginning with a-M, time better than others.

Being on the first line, the majority of lists gives confidence and a certain degree of responsibility for himself. As a result, people with names and surnames beginning with the first letters of the alphabet are more likely to be determined and communicative.

In addition to the names on the success in building relationships affect pictures on Dating sites. A sincere smile, the lovely presence of wrinkles around the eyes and slightly tilted head increase the chances of success at the first meeting.

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