The myth of the super mom makes women unhappy

Scientists from the University of Washington believe that working mothers are less prone to depression than Housewives. However, working mothers are at risk of depression after 40 years, if you really believe that I can manage everything.

The company washes to improve the well-being and psyche, which will positively affect the whole family, however, we should not expect that the work and family will be to cash in the balance, no one will be able to devote the necessary time and work and family simultaneously.

The study's lead author Katharina Leap analyzed data of the Ministry of labour, treating data 1600 women aged about 40 years. It turned out that remaining at home to care for children women are more prone to depression in youth, but by the age of 40 more are those women who decided to build a career, even having children.

To combine work and home is harder than they expected, and guilt before a child makes them unhappy. The current generation has a record number of working women among young mothers. It is modern mothers have to deal with the problem of combining work and family.

You should not feel guilty in front of the child, happy and healthy parents are the best option in comparison with my mother in depression.

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