The myth about the benefits of organic products

Scientists from Stanford University have analyzed the content of organic ingredients grown without fertilizers and other chemicals, and conventional products. It turned out that organic products on the part of the good for a man not have any advantages over normal.

Only the researchers analyzed 237 research about the benefits of organically grown foods, it turned out that the label "organic" does not mean that there are no pesticides and bacteria , on average, the chance that they contain no pesticides, only 30 percent lower compared to conventional products. The cut in such food does not contain more vitamins, fats and proteins that in common, that is, it is not useful to a person.

The difference between organic products from conventional lies in the increased content of phosphorus, which is however of minor importance for health, because a very small percentage of people suffer from a deficiency of phosphorus. In addition, organic milk was more mega-3 fatty acids, essential for heart and blood vessels.

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Scientists themselves surprised by his discovery, for a long time it was believed that grown without the use of chemical treatments, the food is healthier and more nutritious for humans, the study also found no serious guarantees. So the products of special ecological shops", which are very common today in Europe and the USA, is no better than usual food. It is possible that the promotion of such products is a good marketing move, over the last ten years, their sales increased seven times, despite the fact that they are more expensive than usual. If you care about your health, it's more important to pay attention, from whence they had been brought vegetables and fruits.

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