The mystery to scientists: the feeling of "airplane headache"

Some people on the plane are suffering from unbearable headaches. Specialists Italy call this pain be identified as a separate type of pain, reports The Herald Sun. As a rule, headache lets you know about yourself in the process of boarding the plane.

Back in 2004 for the first time in medical literature coined the term "airplane headache". As stated by Federico Mainardi from the Hospital Paolo and Giovanni: "This type of pain we were able to study on 75 people. All of them had complaints of severe pain in one half of the head. Pain usually lasted exactly as long as you have time for boarding. In other words, 96 percent felt the pain of less than 30 minutes. Only a small number of people felt long headache.

Scientists haven't figured out which factor provokes pain. On the basis of one of the theories that pain is associated with changes in the pressure in the sinuses. Because the passengers, who at the time of planting have colds or sinusitis may experience pain during takeoff and landing.

Neurologist from Medical school Dalhousie Alan Purdy, is confident: "we are Talking, really, about the unique type of pain. None of this phenomenon is not studied and do not even have a concept of how many people from these pains suffer. Now we can say that pain is the body do not cause any harm".

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