The music of the human brain recorded by scientists

The idea of Chinese researchers to represent the activity of the human brain in the form of music has led to surprising results: recorded quite coherent melody, which is similar to jazz piano improvisation.

According to Wired magazine dedicated to computer technology, China University of electronic science and technology participated in the development of the method, allowing to translate the electronic activity of the brain in tact, and the circulation of blood in the rhythm.

According to the authors of the study Jing Lu and Dajun Yao, they hope that, thanks to advances in the creation of music based on the brain signals, it will be possible to advance in the explanation of the nature of the brain.

The basis of the previous work of scientists was only the electrical activity of the brain, showing the surface of the scalp and presented in the form of ordinary electroencephalogram. However, this has not led to the achievement of result, had the right to be called a full-fledged music. Getting new work, researchers in addition to these data, the measured blood flows to the brain.

Example to demonstrate the findings of Lu and Yao were a brain girls 14 years and women 31 years. According to scientists, as measured total brain activity that served as the basis for entries in them more like a rehearsal than a full concert. However, in the future will continue the study of "music" of the brain corresponding to different mental States. According to scientists, in the future by listening to the patients records the doctors will receive aid in the diagnosis and treatment purposes.

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