The MTS-roller for face

The MTS-roller is a unique medical device, which has a patent. This product allows you to treat different skin problems without surgery. Mesotherapy is indicated in: aging of the skin (sagging, wrinkles), the presence of scars (surgical, acne, hyperpigmentation.

In clinical studies it was found that facial mesotherapy MTS-roller gives a much better effect than ablative treatments (dermabrasion, skin resurfacing, chemical peels). The effect of the application of this method can be compared with the effect of the use of pulsed light, CO2 laser, Fraxel for production of elastin and collagen, aimed at getting rid of scars and wrinkles.


The MTS-roller will help:

• make skin elastic, to give it a radiant look;

• improve skin turgor, its density;

• restore skin texture, get rid of scars and stretch marks;

• to make the skin look fresh;

• eliminate age spots;

• rejuvenate the skin, remove existing wrinkles and prevent new.

The use of the MTS-roller to eliminate defects of the skin and its rejuvenation has many advantages over other methods used today:

• the procedure is absolutely painless;

• wide range of application;

• no side effects;

• multiple enhancing effect from the use of skin care cosmetics;

• significant cost savings;

• quick results.

Duration of therapy depends on the length of the needle used for the procedure. To eliminate scarring use a short needle. The procedure is performed one to two times per week. This treatment is invalid for the areola of the breast, skin on eyelids, red border of the lips, mucous membranes. Using long needles (0,75-1,0 mm) requires a longer interval between treatments (7 - 14 days).

Mesotherapy can be performed one week after treatment, 2 months after Botox injections, one month after the use of fillers. The healing period is 2-3 days. At this time you should not use the pool, sauna, Solarium, active sports. Before leaving on the street, the face must be covered with cream. In the first days after the procedure it is forbidden to drink hot coffee and tea, alcoholic drinks.

If conducted mesotherapy for body, at first we should refrain from wearing rough and tight clothes. Conventional cosmetics on the time you need to replace the sterile ampoule regenerating and moisturizing agents.

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