The most useful thing for the brain the Mediterranean diet scientists

A group of scientists headed by Roy Hardman proved that the performance of the brain significantly improved if a person goes to the Mediterranean diet. Fresh seafood, lots of vegetables and a small amount of wine activates processes in the nervous system and protects against the development of Alzheimer's disease, tells The Pulse the Headlines.

Nutrition, the study showed, affect the working and long term memory. In addition, improving the functioning of the Executive functions, recognition functions. The point is that the Mediterranean diet includes really useful products. No one person vegetables with seafood is not damaged. Of course, if this person is not allergic to seafood.

Note, it is possible to consume and frozen seafood. The main thing that they were subjected to extreme freezing and during storage was not peregorazhivanie. Supplements in the form of spices and herbs also have a beneficial effect. According to most nutritionists, the Mediterranean diet is the safe and healthy diet for humans. Many times she was associated with a lower risk of developing diseases of the cardiovascular system and several other pathologies.

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