The most useful and the most harmful products during a cold

Begins the autumn-winter period, and with it comes increased incidence of colds among the population. To reduce the unpleasant days of the disease and to bring the time of recovery should not only timely treatment and to observe the temperature regime, and to eat properly. Doctors suggest a list of the most useful products for the body during a cold.

In the first place was warm tea, he not only warms the body, it contained antioxidants fight off infection. At which place all the famous chicken broth. Drinking plenty of fluids during the illness prescribed by all doctors, and broth in addition to the liquid contains the body needs protein. In third place was the ginger, it is possible to brew or to insist to dilute the water. Its anti-inflammatory properties have been known since ancient medicine.

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The most harmful products for colds were juices, fatty foods and alcoholic beverages. In seemingly innocuous juice contains too much sugar, which keeps infection-fighting leukocytes. Fatty and fried foods are harmful because its digestion is spending too much effort needed by the body to fight disease. Alcohol is especially harmful when cold, so as severely dehydrates the body and prevent him to fight infection.

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