The most suitable date for the wedding in 2013 is September 7

Astrologers from Denmark was calculated the most auspicious day for marriage. This year, scientists said not only the day, but the time at which it is best to get married in the registry office.

According to astrologers, it is September 7 at 10:35 need to sign in the Palace of the marriage, then the life of the new family will be filled with happiness and harmony, informs the edition of The Copenhagen Post. The fact that it is 10:35 the planet, which symbolize the male and female will be in such location that it will positively influence the subsequent fate of the spouses.

As it became known, in Copenhagen, the city government decided to arrange 7 September campaign, thanks to which all who wish to register their marriage can come and sign at city hall, without booking in advance.

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Message astrologers interested in young people, so for about seventy pairs from the capital of Denmark decided to register their marriage on this day, September 7.

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