The most effective way of training for combat obesity - jump rope

As you know, exercise is good protection against stress, which, in turn, is one of the causes of excess pounds. The effectiveness of these exercises are different, and some of them only can reduce the feeling of hunger, but one is a really effective method to suppress appetite.

Scientists from Japan's Waseda University found that of all the physical exercises, which allow you to fight hunger, the most effective way is jumping rope. It was established in the conducted experiment, which was attended by 15 young people. They performed 2 types of exercises: with a rope and on the bike. For while some of them were jumping rope, a other rode my bike, scientists observed the hormones associated with hunger.

A blood test participants found that the body produces "hungry" hormones much smaller amounts of in that case, if the person is jumping rope. Such jumps are more effective and better reduce the feeling of hunger than Biking.

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Modern people have a tendency to "seize" a stressful situation, and this habit leads to the fact that people in a short time quickly gaining weight with all the ensuing consequences. That is why Japanese experts offer at any hunger to do a little warm-up, instead of a snack.

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