The most effective diet is recognized as sleep, and work at night can cause the development of obesity

These findings failed to make a scholar from China on the basis of the analysis of relevant data. Experts believe that the presence of excess weight those who regularly works at night, due, primarily, to the specifics of their work.

During the research the analysis was applied to data from more than three dozen scientific papers on the subject, as well as indicators of several hundred thousand people, which allowed us to obtain very clear and, most important, reliable from a statistical point of view results.

It turned out that periodic or regular work activity during night and evening hours is actually closely connected with obesity. The likelihood of developing this disease these people were on average at 23-35% higher than that of their counterparts working day or not working at all. Moreover, this trend is most strongly expressed in the environment of industrial workers.

By the way, overweight is not the only danger associated with such a routine of work and rest. Working at night also increases the risk of breast cancer and diseases related to the heart. It is also noted that the above schedule is the norm for almost seven hundred million inhabitants of our planet.

In addition, British experts not long ago found out that the night work negatively affects the reaction rate and the quality of memory, but is also the cause of significant variances and various kinds of disruptions in biological rhythms, which in turn causes a number of problems with the metabolism and promotes an unhealthy gastronomic tendencies.

Experts believe that this regularity should serve as a compelling reason for a revision of labor laws in different countries.

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