The most difficult day for office workers is Tuesday

British sociologists have conducted a series of studies to find out which day is the hardest for office workers. It turned out that most of the stress and physical exertion such person experiences on Tuesday. Most office workers complained of feeling unwell it was at this working day.

Sociologists have conducted a survey, which covered more than three thousand inhabitants of Britain. Half of the respondents refuted the myth that the "Monday Blues". So for them it was not, although in most cases Monday turned out to be unproductive. On the first day office worker does not have high productivity, makes plans for the week is included in the rhythm of work.

Reduced work on Mondays leads to a rush job on Tuesdays, when accumulating a pile of cases remaining in the previous day. In the end, people should solve a lot of jobs for a limited period of time.

Sociologists emphasize, that on Tuesday, the man is under pressure and stress. This affects all organs and systems. Especially stress affects the cardiovascular and digestive system, causes the development of heart disease, gastritis and indigestion. By the end of the day may be a sense of apathy, headache, rumbling in the stomach.

Tip one is to allocate working time. In addition, it should strengthen their immune system and not to forget about sleep and wakefulness.

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