The most beautiful dreams the dream man in the moon - the scientists

Scientists have found: the most beautiful and strange dreams the dream man in the moon. Data were established by the University of Hertfordshire. Specialists, together with an expert in the field of psychology Richard Weizmann performed the analysis of the dream of thousands of volunteers. The experiment was carried out under the full moon.

It is known that the human body all day. It is proved that at night the brain doing work that is comparable to a daily load. The brain is able even during deep sleep to perceive extraneous sounds and interpret them. During the full moon, scientists proved that the brain of a person of the most active and receptive. That is why we see the most vibrant, colorful and memorable dreams.

The opening of the British scientists will help people with depression and nightmares. Sleep under the pleasant music, nature sounds will form in the mind of a pleasant dream. Particularly should pay attention to external factors during the full moon.

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