The Moscow metro is subjected to disinfection

The main goal – slow down the spread of flu in the capital. The Moscow subway each day used by over 8 million people, this type of transport can rightly be considered the most public in the city. In the Moscow metro began to use ultraviolet irradiation of air. Ultraviolet light kills bacteria and viruses. Silenced, no harm to the passengers, this technique will not cause.

The irradiation is carried out on schedule. Even cars are subjected to wet cleaning. If these measures prove insufficient, the station will start handing out antibacterial wet wipes.

"Every day in the subway descends more than 8 million people. That is why the Moscow metro is currently working actively to combat the spread of influenza and SARS at stations and in trains," - say the representatives of the Moscow metro. Meanwhile, the threshold incidence last week exceeded the norm by almost half. Doctors recommend to prevent children from traveling on public transport and to use the masks in crowded places.

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