The more the teenager fights - the lower IQ

Medical News Today reports that the child is a teenager would be sufficient for only a couple of fights to his IQ has suffered greatly. Scientists in Florida has drawn attention to the fact that it will be equal to one year of high school, missing child. As for girls, they will be enough for this one fight.

Any physical injury to a significant extent has not the best effect on the human body. There are a number of sports, participation in which can adversely affect mental abilities of the individual. And head injuries, in turn, is fraught not only with decreased intelligence, but also a number of serious diseases of the nervous system. For example, doctors do not recommend in football to hit the ball by using head repeatedly practiced by some players.

To the development of the human nervous system has functioned adequately, the head should start to care since adolescence. In terms of the experiment students were used in the amount of 20,000 people, and for the same children constantly monitored, as their natural maturity.

The results showed that the fight has a negative impact on the mental capacity of female adolescents. For boys, if you take the average, the intellect is reduced by 1.62 points, for girls in 3,02.

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