The moon has no effect on the sleep patterns of a person

German scientists from the Institute of psychiatry refuted the theory that has existed for a long time. It turns out that the phases of the moon have no effect on the sleep patterns of a person.

The doctors and the results of the study and highlight the lack of objective information that would confirm the influence of the moon on night sleep.

The last misconception scientists was recorded in the summer of last year, when the study found that deep sleep phase (the phase in which people poured) is reduced by one third in the period of the full moon.

Researchers in this study believe that the information is false and is associated with an insufficient number of volunteers participating in the experiment. The selection of cases for investigation was not impartial.

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This prompted experts from the German Institute of psychiatry to conduct their own research involving 1256 members who watched the whole 2097 nights. When this relationship between quality of sleep and the phase of the lunar cycle were found. It turns out, most of the previous statements about this subject are not scientific evidence.

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